Design Village Floorcloth
Hand-Painted Canvas Rug
19K sq ft floorcloth

We offer a wide selection of custom-made, hand-crafted canvas floorcloths (hand-painted canvas rugs), gameboards and table accessories. This historic floor art has been revived due to the increasing prevalence of hardwood floors. We specialize in floorcloths of historic designs, traditional quilt patterns, and designs from early American wall stencils. Over the years, our floorcloths have adorned several museums and hundreds of homes and period houses.

For almost 20 years Design Village has been crafting custom hand-made floorcloths for historic homes as well as art lovers everywhere totalling over 19,000 sq. ft. as of December 2022.

Over these years we have created a record of creating historically accurate museum quality floorcloths. As a consequence we have had the priviege of furnishing floorcloths for several museums nationwide.

Proudly Hand Crafted in New Jersey

A well-constructed and durable floorcloth will protect floors, provide a dust-free environment, and be easily maintained over years of pleasure and enjoyment. In a period or contemporary home, a custom-made floorcloth will blend all the elements in the room. Floorcloths can be used in a high-traffic area like in an entry foyer, in front of a kitchen stove or sink, in the kids' or family room, around a bed, under the dining table, living room, laundry room, library and in any other area that needs suitable floor covering. A floorcloth provides a clean environment for allergy sufferers. Lastly, floorcloths are ideal floor coverings for pet lovers, as they do not hold hair and fur.

Our design gallery offers an extensive floorcloth collection which shows creativity and craftsmanship.

Design Village Musuem Commission

Over these years we have created a record of creating historically accurate museum quality floorcloths. As a consequence we have had the priviege of furnishing floorcloths for several museums nationwide.

Floorcloth commissioned by West Point Military Academy Diamonds with Thistle Floorcloth Floorcloth commissioned by Whaley House Museum Commissioned by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department For Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Park

Floorcloths in Early American Life Directory

Design Village Floorcloths has been recognized as one of America’s top floorcloth makers by Early American Life magazine, a national magazine focusing on architecture, decorative arts, period style, and social history from colonial times through the mid-19th century. Our floorcloths have been consistently selected since 2006 for creative talent and dedication to historical accuracy. They have been included in their Directory of Traditional American Crafts. View our showcased floorcloths at Early American Life website.

Custom Floorcloths Testimonials

This gallery features installation photos and comments from our valued clients. Take a tour of some private homes and museums that have installed Design Village Floorcloths.

Floorcloths in progress

While creating your custom floorcloth at Design Village, we will integrate your input during every step of the creative process. Besides size, pattern, and colors, we welcome ideas about the floorcloth, color placement, direction of the motif, etc. We think your input is crucial to create a one-of-a-kind floorcloth.

As we create your floorcloth, you may view our progress in floorcloth preview gallery.

Lunenburg Floorcloths Octagon Floorcloth Jackson Garrison House Floorcloth Wayside Inn floorcloth
Georgetown Floorcloth Octagon Design Floorcloth Diamonds with Farnum House Border L Shaped Floorcloth
Montezuma Floorcloth Humphries House Floorcloth Horses border floorcloth Rooster Floorcloth

View Our Abstract Contemporary Design Floorcloths

Featuring contemporary designs and unique arrays of color, abstract floorcloths by Design Village will add fresh style and texture to bare floors to your home or work.
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Temple of Passion Turquoise Bay Pink Passion Paradise Found

Floorcloths For Sale

In this gallery we introduce newly-created floorcloths that are ready to ship. Some of these hand-painted stenciled floorcloths are offered at 20% discount.