Octagon Pattern Floorcloth

Custom Floorcloths - Our Latest Gallery

At Design Village while creating your custom floorcloth we make every effort to integrate your input every step of the way. Besides the size, pattern and colors we like you to suggest your ideas about the floorcloth, color placement, direction of the motif, etc. We think your input is crucial to create one of a kind floorcloth.

As we progress with your floorcloth you may view the pictures in this preview gallery.

Floorcloth in progress, images will be added after the stenciling is done.

diamonds with double border floorcloth diamonds with birds border floorcloth Durant Floorcloth Pineapple floorcloth

Completed custom floorcloths. Each thumbnail opens detailed pictures of a custom floorcloth..

Lunenburg Midnight Blue Floorcloth Amish Tulip Floorcloth diamonds with double border floorcloth Created 17K Sq floorcloths
Cutler House Floorcloth Pineapple floorcloth Weston Colonial Amish Tulip Floorcloth
Pineapple floorcloth May House Floorcloth Mariners Compass Floorcloth May House Floorcloth
Lunenburg Floorcloth colonial floorcloth May House Floorcloth dragonfly floorcloth
Weston Colonial Floorcloth Tree of Life Floorcloth
Sage House Floorcloth May House Floorcloth Compass Rose Floorcloth Diamond pattern floorcloth
Bump Tavern Floorcloth Tree of Life Floorcloth Isaac Buck house floorcloth with Kingsbury Border Rosedale Floorcloth
Diamond Pattern floorcloth with Williamsburg border Shaker Tree of Life Floorcloth Diamonds with Durant border floorcloth Durant Floorcloth#14
Wayside Inn Floorcloth Compass Rose Bump Tavern #6 Floorcloth Lunenburg Floorcloth #3
Diamonds with Red border Lunenburg Floorcloth Lunenburg 6'x14' Amish Tulip Floorcloth
Tree of Life Floorcloth Early American Flowers Amish Tulip Bump Tavern Floorcloth#5
Early American Quilt Runner Bump Tavern Floorcloth#5 Tree of Life Floorcloth Diamonds Floorcloth
Isaac Buck Floorcloth Diamond Pattern Floorcloth Wayside Inn Floorcloth small floorcloths
Ebenezer Floorcloth Diamonds with Benjamin Pierce Border floorcloth Bump Tavern Floorcloth Farnum Gameboard Floorcloth
Diamonds with Williamsburg Border Floorcloth Gameboards Plain floorcloth with Rosedale border Weston Colonial Floorcloth